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The Anderson-Price Memorial Building


Many of you are familiar with the Anderson-Price Memorial Building at 42 N. Beach St. because we hold many of our programs at that beautiful, historic, riverfront location. It was built in 1916 by The Village Improvement Association (VIA), and it is on both the City Landmark List and the National Register of Historic Places. The goal of this women's organization was “to promote neatness and order in the village”. The building served as Ormond Beach's library until 1969 and a meeting place for the VIA and other groups. It was named in honor of John Anderson and Joseph Price, turn-of-the-century developers who, among other accomplishments, built the Hotel Ormond, which opened in 1888. 

In 1957, the VIA changed its name to the Ormond Beach Woman's Club. Generations of Ormond Beach residents have fond memories of attending dances, meetings, parties, lectures, weddings, antique sales, and other community events at the A-P. In 2002, when the Woman’s Club was no longer able to maintain  

it, they deeded it to OBHS.  Since then we have invested over $190,000 in capital improvements to the building. Virtually all of those funds were raised by citizens concerned with preserving buildings such as the Anderson-Price that represent the history and beauty of Ormond Beach.  We are currently facing several more major projects such as replacement of the soffits and gutters. In addition, our salary, insurance, utilities, maintenance and other operating costs now average over $55, 000 for that building alone.  Rentals of the building (in a normal year, not 2020) only cover approximately ½ of those operating costs.

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