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Mardi Gras Murder Mystery 2022

A Unique Fundraiser for the
Ormond Beach Historical Society

Help us solve a murder! You are invited to a Murder Mystery Party held at Rowallan on February 26th, 2022.

This custom-built mystery was designed for 100 participants and involves actors, trading cards, riddles, and scary challenges.

RSVP to Desiree at (386) 677-7005 to reserve your ticket (we expect this to sell out). You can also buy your ticket online here.

The Backstory …

Leonardo Dijon, Ormond Beach’s famous inventor has been murdered!


The Invitations …

Keep your eye out for invitations via snail-mail and e-mail!


The Guide Book …

After purchasing your ticket, you’ll receive a guide-book with more details about the murder and the “game” we’ve invented for this party. Don’t worry – it’s not complicated and the actors will help you. The guide book also explains parking (we’re using a valet service) with a map to the property entrance.


The Trading Cards...

Traditional murder mystery parties are convoluted and don’t scale to large groups. To make this fun for EVERYONE, we’ve invented a card-based scavenger hunt. You’ll trade cards, find cards, and solve riddles to discover the murderer!


The Puzzle Boxes

You’ll find locked puzzle boxes throughout the rooms of Rowallan. Use your wits to solve the riddles. Need a hint? You can always bribe the actors to help you out! Here is a sample riddle to give you a taste.


The Actors...

Eight stalwart actors are volunteering for this event. The actors will help you through the process. Each actor has specific riddles and challenges you’ll need to pass to solve the murder!


The event will be a 1920s Mardi Gras theme. 1920s costumes are encouraged but not necessary. Tickets include heavy hors d'oeuvres and 1 complimentary drink.


Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors!
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Dr. Tim & Catherine Root
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