Past Exhibits

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A House Named Bosarve: The First and Last Families

Bosarve was built in 1868 on Riverside Drive in Ormond by Charles and John Andrew Bostrom and named after a town, possibly their hometown, on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Their third house, built in 1903 next to the first house, was three stories with wraparound porches, and was used for out-of-town guests. In the 1930s, Mrs. Henry Oltman, the next owner, changed the name to Villa Sans Souci, meaning “carefree” in French, and the house became a hotel. In 1946, Gerald Althouse and Dorothy O. Smith from Danbury, Connecticut purchased the hotel. The extended Smith family lived in the house from the 1950s until the house was demolished in 1966.