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Our History in Postcards

Postcards are an excellent way to get a pictorial glimpse into the history of a particular location. The study and collection of postcards is called Deltiology. Postcards are an inexpensive, mass-produced means of communication, which were especially popular during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Postcards are also an exceptional source of social and architectural history as they show what was popular, or deemed as important, in a particular area at the time they were printed. Postcards are sometimes the only known surviving pictorial record of an event, street scene, people, landscape, waterway, building, or other man-made device or machine, which oftentimes makes them an important historical artifact.

* Following are some postcards (grouped by decade) from the collection of the Ormond Beach Historical Society, and the collections of a few of our members and friends.

* This collection of Ormond Beach Area postcards spans from the 1890s to 1980.


North Walk, Ormond, Fla. - ca. 1909.jpg
Gronds Hotel Ormond - North Side, Ormond Beach, Fla. - ca. 1920s..jpg
New Ormond Beach Causeway, Ormond Beach, Fla - ca. 1940s - front side - Source - Ned Kraft
Ormond Beach, Fla. - South from Granada Ave. - ca. 1960s..jpg
Ormond Florida, Glimpse of New Britian Avenue - ca. 1913 - front side - Source - Ned Kraft
The Dining Room of the Coquina Hotel, Ormond Beach, Fla. - ca. 1930..jpg
Greetings from Ormond Beach, Fla. (Beach & Ormond Hotel multi-viiew) - ca. 1950s..jpg
Ormond Garage in 1975 before Fire, 1906 Stanley Replica Ormond Beach Fla. - ca. 1970.jpg
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