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Murder Mystery 2023

A Unique Fundraiser for the
Ormond Beach Historical Society

Help us solve a murder! You are invited to a Murder Mystery Party held at the Rowallan House (beachside Ormond) on February 25th, 2023.

This custom-built mystery game was designed for 100+ participants and involves actors, trading cards, riddles, and scary challenges.

Amazing atmosphere, unique puzzles, and catered hors d’oeuvres … this is a memorable fundraiser you don’t want to miss!

Buy your ticket online before they sell out (like last year!) Get them here.

You can read about and see photos of last year’s event over at the Ormond Observer by clicking here.

The Backstory...

Penelope Pennywhistle, the precocious partygoing queen, has been murdered! The problem is … our dearly departed socialite doesn’t seem to realize she’s dead. She refuses to lie down.

“We believe,” says Chief Inspector Latrine, “that Penelope Pennywhistle has been turned into a zombie. Her corpse shows no bodily functions we associate with life. No breathing. No heartbeat. And yet, Ms. Pennywhistle continues to throw lavish garden parties, talk loudly, and drink copious amounts of wine.”


We believe that Penelope Pennywhistle is cursed to remain a zombie until her murder is solved. You are invited to a Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Party at the Rowallan Estate. Help us solve Penelope’s murder and put her undead spirit to rest.

Dresscode is 1950s fashionable chic. No beatnik jeans and grease … this ain’t no sock hop, Daddy-O!
We hope to see you there. Don’t be late or you’ll miss out on some of the clues!

The Guide Book...

When you arrive,  you’ll receive a guide-book with more details about the murder and the “game” we’ve invented for this party. Don’t worry – it’s not complicated and the actors will help you. 

The Trading Cards...

Traditional murder mystery parties are convoluted and don’t scale to large groups. To make this fun for EVERYONE, we’ve invented a card-based scavenger hunt. You’ll trade cards, find cards, and solve riddles to discover the murderer!

Puzzle Boxes...

You’ll find locked puzzle boxes throughout the rooms of Rowallan. Use your wits to solve the riddles. Need a hint? You can always bribe the actors to help you out!

A Few of the Actors:

Eight stalwart actors are volunteering for this event. The actors will help you through the process. Each actor has specific riddles and challenges you’ll need to pass to solve the murder!

Get Your Tickets Now!

 If you plan on coming, you should purchase your tickets before they sell out. Tickets cost $100 per person. Hope to see you soon for an interesting evening!

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